Lyngby Vikings rebrands as ECSTATIC

We are delighted to announce the rebranding of our esport teams and organisation. Lyngby Vikings has transformed into ECSTATIC.

“We are rebranding the team and organisation because the old name is misleading. As some of you probably know, the Lyngby Vikings name and logo were created in association with the danish football club Lyngby BK, who we also represent in the danish FIFA eSuperliga. The CS:GO team actually has nothing to do with the football club, other than a close relationship through mutual partners. We simply used the ‘Lyngby Vikings’ name to gain recognition for our CS:GO team nationally when we first started – now the football club are the ones gaining recognition because of our esports teams. We want to make it clear that they don’t own anything of our organisation, and never did, despite what the media says. We can’t wait to show you all the things we have planned – we are going to change the game.” says Jeppe Taggatz Jensen – COO of ECSTATIC

Same team, same organisation. New brand, new identity, new HLTV player pictures, new GIFs and new upcoming merchandise (we already know its going to be the coolest merch in the game, by far).

Shout out to the casters that tried to pronounce our old name – we hope this will make your job easier!

This is the beginning of the waviest brand in esports.



You can download our press kit with logo and pictures here:

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