WE DID IT! – We qualified for the Major in Copenhagen!

Against all odds, ECSTATIC, with Patti, Salazar, Queenix, Nodios, and Kraghen, became the first Danish team to secure a spot at the Major on home turf in Copenhagen.

653 rounds. That’s the number of rounds ECSTATIC has played on their journey towards qualifying for the Major in Copenhagen. It is the highest number of rounds among all the teams that have qualified so far.

Thus, ECSTATIC truly lives up to the mantra they have repeated throughout the European RMR: “One match at a time. One round at a time.” And indeed, they’ve done just that—653 rounds in a row.

The 653 rounds are distributed across a total of 21 matches and 30 played maps, with 21 maps won. Impressive statistics that speak for themselves, making their achievement even more remarkable.

It has, all in all, been an extraordinary journey we have embarked on, culminating in the ultimate dream of qualifying for the Major on home soil in Denmark.

The journey has concluded, and we have reached their final destination. Now, the focus shifts to the Major in Copenhagen.
ECSTATIC will take the stage from March 17th, just under a month away from the commencement of the first major on Danish soil.

See you in Copenhagen

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