ECSTATIC is now set for the RMR tournament in Bucharest, following a 2-0 victory over PERA.

In one of the crucial qualifying matches for the RMR tournament, ECSTATIC faced off against the Hungarian team, PERA. Here, ECSTATIC managed to come out on top and secure the victory over PERA.

The matches took place on Ancient and Nuke, and ECSTATIC delivered an impressive performance.

On the first map, Ancient, ECSTATIC demonstrated their superiority from start to finish. The team convincingly won with a score of 13-3, where Magnus “Nodios” Olsen and Patrick “Patti” Larsen were unstoppable on Ancient. Nodios ended with a rating of 2.31 over the 16 rounds.

The second map, Nuke, continued in favor of ECSTATIC. The team did not maintain the same level of dominance but still secured a victory with a score of 13-11, confirming their belief in a potential qualification for the RMR tournament.

With this victory, ECSTATIC secured a spot in the upcoming RMR tournament in Romania. They will be participating in the tournament alongside already qualified teams such as NAVI, Cloud9, Astralis and Heroic.

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