We have completed the signing of the first three players for our new roster:
Kristoffer ‘Kristou’ Aamand, Anton ‘Anlelele’ Huynh and Martin ‘nut nut’ Vestergaard.

Kristou and Anlelele are joining us on a free transfer, while nut nut is being transfered from Sashi for an undisclosed fee.

We are yet to finalize the team with the last two players, and we will be doing some testing, as we are trying to find the perfect match for our team.

The fourth player is Mikkel ‘Maze’ Sparvath who will be joining us on a trial period as IGL.

The fifth and final player (we will be testing in our praccs) is Mikkel ‘n1Xen’ Borlund, whom we have borrowed from our good friends at Sashi.

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