Please welcome our newest addition to the team, Magnus “Nodios” Olsen!
He will replace Casper “Cabbi” Jensen on our active roster.

“After we failed to qualify for the RMR, therefore also the major, we felt that a change was needed. Nodios became available around that time, which made the decision less difficult, as everyone following the danish scene are aware of his skills. So naturally, we are very excited that Nodios is joining our team. We believe he will be an important piece in getting our team to the next level.” said Jeppe Taggatz Jensen and continued:

“That being said, it’s also a really sad day, because we have to remove Cabbi from our active roster in order to make space for Nodios. Cabbi is a great guy that everybody likes, really hard working, and a really good friend to all of his teammates. We will help him find a new team where he can continue to grow even further.”

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