Welcome Patrick ‘Patti’ Larsen

We are happy to welcome Patrick ‘Patti’ Larsen to our active roster. Patti is joining us on a transfer from Astralis, Patti will be taking over the IGL role from maNkz, who recently has been sold to m80.

Agreement for the transfer of maNkz

Today we say goodbye to Marcus ‘maNkz’ Kjeldsen, as he has been sold to M80. maNkz second stint at our team lasted since May 2021. He was also a part of our lineup in 2020, before moving to Copenhagen Flames. Thanks for everything, maNkz!


Please welcome our newest addition to the team, Magnus “Nodios” Olsen!He will replace Casper “Cabbi” Jensen on our active roster. “After we failed to qualify for the RMR, therefore also the major, we felt that a change was needed. Nodios became available around that time, which made the decision less difficult, as everyone following the …


European Pro League CHAMPIONS!

ECSTATIC emerged victorious in the European Pro League Season 5, solidifying our status as one of the top teams in our region. The journey to the top wasn’t easy for us, as we had to overcome numerous teams in a long lower bracket run. Along with the tilte as European Pro League season 5 CHAMPIONS, …

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ECSTATIC sign salazar

Agreement with Atlantic for the transfer of Jason ‘salazar’ Salazar “We’ve had a couple of good candidates for the AWP-position on tryout in pracc, but in the end we have decided to sign salazar from Atlantic, because we think he is the perfect match for our team. We believe that he can be a great …

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Starting today, Benjamin ‘brzer’ Jensen is no longer a part of our active roster, and he has been allowed to explore his options for the future. Brzer will be representing us in the remainder of the ESL Challenger League Season 43 Europe while we a looking for a replacement. We want to thank Benjamin for …


brzer joins ECSTATIC

We have come to an agreement with Astralis regarding the transfer of Benjamin ‘brzer’ Jensen. “We are very happy that brzer is joining the team as the last piece of the puzzle. He is already good, but he also has the potential to be a top player, and we believe he will fulfil that potential …

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